YRTV Matriculation Higher Secondary School owes to the foresightedness and generosity of Mr.Yennarkay R.Ravindran, an eminent Industrialist of Sivakasi and Mrs.Thilagavathy Ravindran.This enlightened and dedicated couple,desired a high standard of academic training with lofty ideals.The school was established in 1974 in congenial surroundings and has additional equipments and aids.

The school was affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education,New Delhi upto April 1991. From 1990 onwards the school came under Tamilnadu Matriculation stream for Class 10 and State Board stream for Higher Secondary Class for the betterment of our pupils and is recognised by Tamilnadu Educational Development. Since 2011 for classes 1 to 9 Equity Syllabus of the State has been introduced.

Moral education forms an integral part of the school curriculum. Earnest efforts are made to give the children the best training possible in consonance with our ancient culture and in tune with the progressive trends in modern education.The management believes in the composition of classes that can be efficiently managed and individual attention effectively given.

English is the medium of instruction at all levels.Tamil and Hindi are offered as the First and Third languages respectively.The school is managed by the Rajarathinam Poothayammal Educational Trust,a registered body.

Quality Policy

"Our Goal is to integrate the individual and society and to nurture the innate potentials for personality development."

Our aim is to provide character building, efficient educational care to all students with a human touch and to create an appealing, friendly atmosphere for students with varied physical, physiological and emotional needs.

To build an effective student feedback system so as to continuously monitor and maintain high standards in the school premises.

To promote and preserve a disciplined, learning atmosphere that imparts training on quality services to staff concerned who are committed to provide worldclass standards of education by creating an ideal environment.


YRTV Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Our Guiding Lights
The Late Shri Yennarkay Rajarathnam
The Late Smt. Poothayammal

Sri Yennarkay R. Ravindran
Founder & Our Former Patron
Smt. Thilagavathy Ravindran
Patroness & Correspondent

Mr. Yennarkay R. Rajarathnam
Management Committee Member
Mr. Yennarkay R.Chiranjeevirathnam
Management Committee Member
Mr. Yennarkay R.Selvarathnam
Management Committee Member